The U.S. is a country of 50 states covering a vast swath of North America, with Alaska in the extreme Northwest and Hawaii extending the nation's presence into the Pacific Ocean. Major cities include New York, a global finance and culture center, and Washington, DC, the capital, both on the Atlantic Coast; Los Angeles, famed for filmmaking, on the Pacific Coast; and the Midwestern metropolis Chicago.
We visited here in 1995, May 1997, June 1998, 2003 and July-August 2014.

The images below are all from around the Western United States of America.

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Yellowstone National Park Yosemite National Park Red Canyon in Dixie Forest Bryce Canyon National Park Arches National Park Monument Valley Coral Pink Sand Dune State Park Zion National Park Death Valley National Park Grand Tetons Grand Canyon Mesa Verde National Park Glen Canyon National Recreation Area Sequoia National Park Kings Canyon National Park San Francisco Salt Lake City Denver Eldorado Canyon State Park Rocky Mountain National Park Dinosaur National Monument Colorado National Monument Black Canyon of The Gunnison National Park Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Rail Road Hovenweep National Monument Canyonlands National Park - The Needles Valley of the Gods Canyon de Chelly National Monument Hubbell Trading Post National Historic Site Petrified Forest National Park Painted Desert Homolovi State Park Meteor Crater Walnut Canyon National Monument Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument Wupatki National Monument Valley of Fire State Park Hoover Dam National Historic Landmark Crazy Horse Memorial Boothill Cemetery Badlands National Park Mount Rushmore National Memorial Four Corners Monument Gooseneck State Park

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Information on the Parks, Monuments etc.
Parks Location Size Date Created
Arches National Park Utah 76,679 acres November 12, 1971
Badlands National Park  South Dakota 379.306 square miles November 10, 1978
 Black Canyon of The Gunnison National Park  Colorado 30,750 acres October 21, 1999
Bryce Canyon National Park Utah 56.2 square miles February 25, 1928
Canyon de Chelly National Monument Arizona 83,840 acres April 1, 1931
Canyonlands National Park Utah 337,598 acres September 12, 1964
Colorado National Monument Colorado 20,533 acres May 24, 1911
Coral Pink Sand Dune State Park Utah 3,730 acres 1963
Crazy Horse Memorial South Dakota 641 ft. long & 563 ft. wide Started 1948
Death Valley National Park California& Utah 5,270.411 square miles October 31, 1994
Dinosaur National Monument Colorado & Utah 210,844 acres October 4, 1915
Eldorado Canyon State Park Colorado 885 acres 1978
Four Corners Monument Colorado ? 1912
 Glen Canyon National Recreation Area  Utah & Arizona 1,254,429 acres October 27, 1972
Gooseneck State Park Utah 10 acres 1962
Grand Tetons National Park Wyoming 310,000 acres February 26, 1929
Homolovi State Park Arizona 4,500 acres 1986
Hoover Dam National Historic Landmark Nevada/Utah Lake size 247 square miles August 20, 1985
Hovenweep National Monument  Colorado & Utah  784 acres March 2, 1923
Hubbell Trading Post National Historic Site Arizona 160 acres August 28, 1965
Kings Canyon National Park California 462,000 acres March 4, 1940
Masa Verde National Park Colorado 81.4 square miles June 29 1906
Meteor Crater National Natural Landmark  Arizona  Diameter 1.186 kilometers November 1967
Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park Utah 30,000 acres 1958
Mount Moriah Cemetery (Boothill) South Dakota ? 1878
Mount Rushmore National Memorial South Dakota 2.00 square miles March 3, 1925
Painted Desert Arizona 7,500 square miles 1962
Petrified Forest National Park Arizona 221,552 acres 1962
Rocky Mountain National Park Colorado 265,761 acres January 26, 1915
Sequoia National Park California  631.35 square miles  September 25, 1890
 Sunset Crater Volcanic National Monument  Arizona 3,040 acres May 26, 1930
Valley of Fire State Park Nevada 34,880 acres 1968
Walnut Canyon National Monument Arizona 2,249.5 acres October 15, 1966
Wupatki National Monument Arizona 35,422 acres December 9, 1924
Yellowstone National Park Wyoming  3,468.4 square miles  March 1, 1872
Yosemite National Park California 1,200 square miles October 1, 1890
Zion National Park Utah 2292 square miles  November 19, 1919 

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