Costa Rica is a country in Central America boarded by Nicaragua to the North, Panama to the Southeast, the Pacific Ocean to the west and the Caribbean Sea to the east.  The Capital of Costa Rica is San José.  The Country does not have an Army, Navy or Airforce, just the police.  Costa Rica has a rich diverse varity of flora, fauna and birds.
All the pictures were taken when I visited the country in 2008, 2015 and 2018.


National Theatre, SanJosé Poás Volcano Silver-throated Tanager Purple Orchid, La Paz Waterfall Gardens Green Violet-ear Hummingbird, La Paz Waterfall Gardens Rhino Horned Beetle Tortuguero The beach, Tortuguero Canals, Tortuguero Park Tortuguero Park Purple Grasshopper, Tortuguero Park Flower, Tortuguero Park Blue-jean Dart Frog, Tortuguero Canals Pineapple Plantation Blue-grey Tanager, Tilajari Hotel Green Iguana, Tilajari Hotel Arenal Volcano La Victoria Waterfall, Rincon de la Vieja N.P. Chestnut-backed Antbird, Carara N.P. Feeding the Crocodile, Tarcoles River Beach, Manual Antonio Two-toed Sloth, Manual Antonio N.P. White-faced Capachin, Manual Antonio

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Metropolitan Cathedral, José Metropolitan Cathedral, José Central Park, José Pachira Lodge, Tortuguero Banana Spider, Pachira Lodge, Tortuguero Children, Tortuguero Flower, Tortuguero Canal Chestnut-mandibled Tucan flying, Tortuguero Canal Boat-billed Heron, Tortuguero Canal Sloth Woodcreeper, Tilajari Hotel Magenta-throated Woodstar, Monteverde Cloud Forest Snake, Kinkajou night walk, Monteverde Glass Frog, Kinkajou night walk, Monteverde Sunset, Monteverde Scarlet Macaws flying, Tarcoles River Turquoise-backed Motmot, Tarcoles River Southern Lapwing flying, Tarcoles River White-faced Capachin, Manual Antonio Manual Antonio

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Irazú Volcano Basilica of Our Lady of the Angels, Cartago Montezuma Oropendola, Hotel Villa Florencia Pelicans, Tortuguero Great Egret, Tortuguero Canal Roadside Hawk, Tortuguero Canal Templo Nuestra Señora de las Mercedes, Grecia Cart Factory, Sarchi Hanging Bridges, Arenal Yellow Eyelash Viper, Arenal N.P. Plain Xenops, Carara N.P. Double-tooth Kite, Hacienda Baru National Wildlife Refuge Tropical Kingbird, Marino Ballena National Park White-necked Puffbird, Marino Ballena National Park Anhinga, Hotel Villa Lapas Yellow-throated Euphonia, Hotel Villa Lapas Streaked Flycatcher, Hotel Villa Lapas Green Honeycreeper, Talamanca Reserve Female Green Honeycreeper, Talamanca Reserve Female Cherrie's Tanager, Talamanca Reserve Red-legged Honeycreeper, Talamanca Reserve Silver-throated Tanager, Talamanca Reserve Yellow-hooded Euphonia, Talamanca Reserve Fiery-billed Aracari, Talamanca Reserve Black Squirrel, Talamanca Reserve

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